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I am a Research Affiliate of the Universities Studying Slavery consortium, based at the University of Virginia, and I am involved, on an ongoing basis, with the work being done under the auspices of A Racial History of Amherst College.


"Amherst and the Collegiate Debate over Enslavement and Freedom"

Amherst, MA

April 9, 2024 


State of the Field Roundtable, Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) Annual Conference

Philadelphia, PA

July, 2024

Participants: Craig Steven Wilder (Chair), Jody Allen, Andy Hammann (Organizer), Tiffany Momon, Anne Twitty, Kirt von Daacke


Presentation: "Yale, Andover Theological Seminary, and Racial Separatism"




I am in the early stages of writing an article on the roles played by Yale and Andover Theological Seminary, two of the most influential educational institutions in the pre-Civil-War United States, in promoting the expatriation of Black Americans.


The research and publication of this article will lay the groundwork for a book-length study of the ways in which nineteenth-century university leaders and religious leaders promoted Black expatriation as a purported means of ending enslavement and of mitigating the supposedly ineradicable conflict between white and Black freedom that the institution of slavery had caused. This book will build on my first book Freedom in Black and White (forthcoming from University of Virginia Press).


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